Empowering Teams to Change the Game

Today’s organizations require people to relate to each other in an array of teams and partnerships. Some teams may work well together but have problems building momentum, focusing their efforts, overcoming obstacles, and achieving goals. Other teams may experience a lack of trust, commitment and accountability which causes tension, conflict and sabotages results.

Team coaching supports teams to achieve optimal synergy and productivity by encouraging interaction and sharing in a safe environment of mutual respect. Teams may be comprised of leadership teams, first line supervisors, sales teams, people from a particular department, or cross functional teams. Team coaching maximizes the combined energy, experience, and wisdom of individuals who are part of the group to execute valuable and timely solutions that are aligned with organizational objectives.

Team coaching supports the success of:

  • Leadership teams
  • Front line supervisors
  • Departmental teams
  • Executive teams
  • Cross functional teams
  • Project teams
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Team coaching helps teams to:

  • Reduce tension and conflict, enhance cohesiveness and flow
  • Increase positivity and the quality of relationships among team members
  • Explore and leverage the unique strengths, styles and capabilities of members
  • Increase commitment and accountability of individual participants to team success
  • Create a common vision aligned with organizational goals
  • Move beyond obstacles and self-imposed limitations
  • Develop specific improvement plans, target goals, actions and results
  • Accelerate productivity and performance
  • Maximize creativity, achievement and satisfaction

Key Features

  • Teams are typically comprised of four to ten members
  • Team is assessed to gain clarity of challenges and goals
  • Members develop an increased awareness of group styles and working relationships
  • Members experience a safe, supportive and objective environment to explore options and overcome obstacles
  • Members learn and incorporate specific criteria in the sessions (confidentiality, trust, commitment, bottom lining, listening, accountability, etc.)
  • Flexible program, sensitive to the team’s busy schedule
  • Accountability to support growth and achievement of goals
  • E-mail and phone support for participants

Contact Game Change Coaching & Consulting to discuss your team’s particular situation. We will outline our approach, answer any questions you may have and determine the best course of action for your specific needs.