Susanne Earle is the President of Game Change Coaching & Consulting. Susanne is passionate about providing organizations and people in Windsor, Ontario and surrounding areas with progressive, innovative, and valuable solutions. She has worked in the human resources field for over 25 years and in a leadership role for over 20 years.

Susanne drives bottom-line improvement in organizations. She works with leaders who are frustrated with the same old game; workplace conflict, high turnover, poor performance, fighting fires, friction, opposition and resistance to change. As an experienced leader and HR professional, she understands the challenges often faced in these positions. Her journey to find a more effective way to lead and interact has led her to a solution that is so powerful and has such a significant impact on people and organizations – it’s a Game Changer!

Susanne is passionate about changing the way people work together by empowering people to play their best game, transforming individuals, teams and organizations. Her mission is to bring more awareness, harmony and joy to the world of work, supporting successful and sustainable organizations that are aligned, purposeful and visionary.

Together, Let’s Change the Game!