The company logo truly represents the intention behind all of Susanne’s coaching and consulting services that she provides for people, teams and organizations. It’s rich meaning and significance inspires what she does every day.

The inspiration for the Game Change logo comes from a very challenging time in Susanne’s life when she felt very disconnected from herself, others and the world in general. Despite many accomplishments, she realized that she was not a happy person. She began searching for answers and was on a mission of self-awareness and self-development.

During this time, her body gave her a wake-up call and Susanne became very ill. Realizing that she was choosing to live this way, her journey of self-discovery and healing became even more intense. One day, while doing some vision work, she had a powerful and life changing experience. She saw two opposing energies at play inside; one very dark and negative and the other full of light and positive. As she stayed with this image, it began to change. The opposing energies began to move around each other, creating a small, dark spiral. As they continued to move, the spiral grew in size and became less dark.

As the spiral expanded, Susanne began to feel very different. The light was becoming more prominent and the dark energy was fading. The spiral gradually became infused with light and vibrant colour as it rose and grew bigger in circumference. She watched the last bit of darkness rising up the middle of the spiral, dissipating and becoming one with the light. She felt intense calmness, relief and serenity in this moment, a feeling of letting go and of healing. The top of the spiral became so vibrant that it illuminated everything around it and she could now see places where there had only been darkness before. In this moment she clarified her purpose to share her light with others, illuminating their path to self-awareness, igniting their true potential and evoking their evolution and transformation.

The spiral in the Game Change logo represents this vision, both in shape and colour. It starts off small and dark and grows larger and more colourful as it ascends.

What's your game?

The first three triangles of the spiral are gray in colour, representing those parts of you that are in the shadows, hidden from your awareness. Similarly, the first step in transformation is self-awareness; understanding the behaviours and coping strategies that no longer serve you, noticing the judgments that you make about yourself and others, and becoming conscious of those limiting beliefs that hold you back. In colour psychology, the colour gray represents a stable base from which the new and positive can evolve. Truly knowing one self and making strong connections within forms the foundation for growth.

Step up your game!

The next three triangles are a little larger, are blue or turquoise in colour and represent self-empowerment; connecting with your inner wisdom, understanding your purpose, aligning behaviours to your values, vision and mission, and setting and achieving goals. In colour psychology, blue is associated with inner security, confidence and strength, and helps to open communication between the heart and the spoken word. It creates emotional balance, broadens perspectives and helps with clear thinking, decision-making and creativity.

Yoga philosophy identifies seven main chakra centres in the human body and each is connected to our being on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Blue is correlated with the throat chakra which represents truthful expression of one’s beliefs. It is connected with speech and hearing, and encourages spiritual communication.

Play your best game!

The next three triangles in the logo are the largest, are indigo in colour and represent a higher level of growth; connecting to your true potential and incorporating fundamental coaching philosophies into your daily life. In colour psychology, indigo is the colour of creativity, imagination and intuition. It represents inner communication, self-mastery and spiritual realization. Indigo is correlated with the third eye chakra located in the forehead and is associated with insight, intuition and self-realization.

It's a new game!

The top triangle in the logo represents a person who has truly transformed their thinking, their behaviour and their life. They have purpose and lead a joyful, rich and fulfilled existence. In colour psychology, magenta is associated with universal harmony at its highest level, generating unconditional love, caring, compassion, kindness, patience and cooperation. It helps to release old and outdated patterns of behaviour, inspire growth and personal development, and create emotional, physical and spiritual balance. It inspires cheerfulness, optimism and is an instrument of change and transformation. Magenta is correlated with the crown chakra, located at the top of the head and is associated with aspiration, a deep understanding and knowingness, and connection with the infinite consciousness.

Susanne calls the Game Change logo the spiral of transformation. It reminds her to play her best game every day, to be that instrument of change and transformation, and to inspire others to do the same.