Boost Organizational Success

Human Resources Consulting helps you to:

  • Access expert advice without adding to your headcount
  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • Stay current with legislative requirements
  • Resolve complex people problems effectively and efficiently
  • Ensure effective processes are in place to grow your business
Human Resources

Organizational Development

Maximize organizational performance and sustainability by developing and implementing effective approaches to strategic planning, organizational design, leadership development, and change management.

Leadership Executive Coaching
Business Meeting

Employee and Labour Relations

Develop and maintain positive relationships with employees that motivate and contribute to high engagement and productivity. Prevent and resolve employee workplace issues and grievances productively, increasing employee satisfaction, morale, and the bottom line.

Performance Management

Bring out the best in your employees, improve their overall effectiveness, and increase their contribution to your organization. Performance Management includes setting goals, evaluating progress, coaching, and feedback to ensure optimum performance.

Attendance Management

The direct cost of absenteeism averages 2.4% of annual payroll. Reduce your costs by improving attendance through an effective attendance management program.

Training and Development

Deliver training and development opportunities to staff, providing knowledge and skills to optimize performance and support company goals.

People Management

Employee Engagement

Implement human resources strategies to increase employee engagement and the bottom line.

Talent Management

Establish processes to attract, select, develop, appraise, compensate, reward, and retain the most talented employees.

Policy, Procedure and Handbook Development

Communicate expectations and company values clearly while maintaining compliance with legislation. Document best practices and protect your organization against employment claims. Support fair treatment of staff and help management make effective decisions that are appropriate and consistent.

Communication Strategies

Communicating with employees is essential to the health of your business. Having an effective communication strategy helps you to build trust, enhance motivation and dedication, foster teamwork, promote values and company mission, deliver exceptional customer service, prevent problems, and increase productivity.